Hazza Making Noise: Like, with a Band 'n' Sh*t
8:00 PM20:00

Hazza Making Noise: Like, with a Band 'n' Sh*t

Join us Friday 3rd of May for an evening of discerning, intellectual discussion with thought provocateur and conceptualist Harrison W. Platt...

Nah, who are we fooling. Hazza Making Noise takes the stage at Backbeat with the Ellice Road Boyz to get you cutting shapes you never thought were possible. We guarantee you won't need to be printing a receipt! (Because it is free actually.)


Hazza and the Noise Makers will be joined by a delicious line up of musical delight. Including...

Odds & Ends

“Odds and Ends are like the perfect fruit salad; filled with juicy melodies, tasty songs, and sweet, sweet harmonies. Perfect for the summer, or any other season of the year.”

Good Thieves

"Good Thieves a solid seven on the scale of beige to zesty. This acoustic four piece will steal your heart, and then return it because they feel bad."


"Hypershout are three-piece indie band blended together by duct tape, cardboard and $5 beers, all served in a freshly baked PVC pipe."

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